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I finally had the time and the motivation to get out my camera and actually take some decent pictures of the table I always do my makeup on. It’s been a post idea of mine ever since I started blogging but I never felt comfortable enough to publish images of my room on the internet. 

Beauty Snippets

However, I feel like these couple shots won’t hurt anyone and I apologise if they don’t look very professional – I’m just glad I got this up on time! 🙂

As for the table itself, it’s the Malm Dressing Table from Ikea and it’s yet again a thing I would have never come across if it wasn’t for all the bloggers out there raving about this table! 

Beauty Table Snippets - Lilies Beauty

On top of that I have quite a big mirror so I can do my makeup properly and my lamp. There’s also some decor and my jewellery on that table because I like keeping it there and it also looks very pretty – in my opinion. 

I keep most of my makeup on my table rather than in the drawer – in there I just keep random stuff, like hair ties, eyeshadow palettes, etc. The containers inside the drawer are from Ikea as well, they’re the Antonius containers.

Table Snippets - Lilies Beauty

As for the acryllic drawer system you see on the table, it is from Amazon (here) and it’s so handy to store all my basic makeup bits in.

And yes, that’s an aquarium right next to my beauty table because my room is just too small to put it anywhere else… Yep, that is a thing that has to be mentioned here! 😛

I will definitely go into more detail when I’ve moved house next year after school because then I hope to have a lot more space for all my furniture to show up nicely on my images. Maybe there will be a video as well… I’m not sure about that yet, though.

How do you store your makeup? x

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