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Recently I got the chance to try some cute bits from the Blippo Kawaii Shop and today I’m sharing my thoughts and a little giveaway with you! 🙂

It took about three weeks until the goodies arrived here and I must say that I was beyond excited, especially about the sweets!

  • The products I got:
  • Every Burger Mini Chocolate Cookies
  • Cheerful Animals Pocket Mirror
  • Moomin Mini Pouch
  • Korean Deco Glitter Set – 6 pcs

When I saw what I got I was SO excited to try everything! However, with two of them I can’t really do anything, to be honest…
The Every Burger Mini Chocolate Cookies aren’t much to my taste – sadly – and the Moomin Mini Pouch isn’t really my ‘style’.

The Korean Deco Glitter Set, though, is so useful as I like to decorate basically anything with glitter lately, ha! And with a pocket mirror, you can’t really go wrong, duh!

I would sure love to try some more bits from their website, some of their more girly and cute stuff haha

As for the giveaway, the Blippo Kawaii Shop will send the following three products to the lucky winner!

  • Watermelon Purse
  • Pastel Shell Bracelet
  • Zipper Bracelet – Two colours

The giveaway is open to everyone until the 30 March 2017! 🙂

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