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I definitely am not the very best when it comes to taking photos, especially when it comes to taking those for my blog. Every photo has to be perfect and it does takes a long time to really get the hang of taking good photos…

Today I want to share my experiences and tips with you on how to take photos for your blog! 🙂 Remember, I’m not an expert and I just want to share the steps I go through when taking these.

If you don’t like it, don’t use it

It’s as simple as that. And sometimes I did actually upload posts with images I didn’t like at all just because I either didn’t want to make an effort to take another one or I just couldn’t. Yes, with some products or whatsoever I just don’t get the hang of taking a photo of it! It’s SO annoying! But you have to keep going and try your very best! 🙂 It’s time consuming and sometimes nerve wrecking but it’s going to be worth it.

Invest in a 50 mm lens

This has seriously stepped up my photography game by 110%, if I may say so myself. This lens has just changed the way I take photos completely and I enjoy using my camera so much more ever since investing in that lens! I highly recommend using a 50 mm one, especially for product photography!

Look for inspiration and use it

Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter… There are so many websites out there that give you a huge amount of inspirational sources for your blog photography so make sure to use them! When I first started blogging, I was a bit scared to use tips from other posts because it made me feel like I would actually steal their ideas. But of course you’re not stealing them!

Remember: you’re always just looking for a new way to change things up a bit and find a new way to make things look pretty and to your liking, not to steal or copy from another creator.

Get yourself some cute props, backgrounds and equipment

You don’t have to spend a fortune to take pretty and appealing images. Have some cardboard and tinfoil? Make a reflector out of it. Recently got a new copper candle holder? Make sure to display it in the background of your images.

It sounds so easy to decorate your images to make them look pretty but it’s actually not. You really need to get the hang of it but once you’ve got that, you’ll see that it’s so much fun to play around with different objects, colours, etc. 🙂 I’ve also found it really helpful to use a tripod and a remote for some images as it makes it easier to set up all the general camera settings.

Remember the lighting, aperture, ISO settings

Of course there’s no blog photography post out there without the tips of setting up your camera the right way. You don’t have to be an expert to set these things up, you should just make sure to not ignore them completely. A bit of manual control on your camera always helps to make your images look prettier and appealing!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as it was very important to me to getting the message out there that it’s not about other people’s opinions but about your own. I feel like lots of bloggers/creators just do things for others, not for themselves, you know?

Do you have any more tips on blog photography? x

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