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Lately, I’ve really been into a little more high end beauty products and for me, Charlotte Tilbury somehow is the perfect brand to start off with. In my opinion, their value for price is amazing and I would love to make some cheeky little purchases on their website very soon! 😛

Ever since I started blogging and discovered the never ending world of beauty brands and products – including Charlotte Tilbury – I was lusting over almost every product that was or still is available on their website! Down below, there’s again one of my beloved lists with the seven items that I’m dying to get my hands on!

3rd Edition Makeup Bag – $42.00

I was introduced to CT for the first time when I watched a video from some beauty Blogger/YouTuber showing her everyday makeup essentials – and that was the moment when I fell in love with this makeup bag! I just can’t get over how pretty this is, and yes, it’s only a bag for your makeup… But come on, it’s too pretty not to have!

Filmstar Bronze & Glow – $65.00

Speaking of all things pretty, this highlighting and contour duo is a beauty Bloggers‘ dream come true, isn’t it? I mean, just the packaging alone is gorgeous and reviews say that it’s a great product as well! And why not give a great product a try, eh? Definitely going to pick this up; when I’m actually able to afford a few pricier makeup bits…

Luscious Lip Slick in Very Victoria – $48.00

Before I discovered this lovely shade I was obsessing over the Bitch Perfect lipstick. However, I personally think I’m more of a girl for browny-nudes rather than those pinky-nudes, you know? And this shade is the perfect one for what I’ve been looking for the past few months!

Magic Foundation – $40.00

Again, this seems to be an all time Bloggers’ favourite. Being the obsessed beauty hoarder/Blogger I am, I of course want to try this myself! I really hope to have the chance to try this next year or so… You know the drill, with the money, etc. hahah

Wonderglow – $49.00

For a CT Foundation there must also be a great primer so it’s almost obvious that I added this to my wishlist as well, isn’t it? It’s quite a pricey primer, though, I’m sure it’s worth every penny!

Luxury Palette in The Uptown Girl – $50.00

Last but definitely not least on my CT wishlist, there’s this eyeshadow quad with the most gorgeous shades ever! It’s such an amazing little palette and I think it would be great for an everyday use!

This is everything on my wishlist from Charlotte Tilbury at the moment! 🙂
Are there any products you would like to try? x

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