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Magazines have always been my top source to get interesting information from – whether it’s beauty, fashion, lifestyle or food/health related. When I was younger I always read the German BRAVO Magazine up until the age of fifteen, I believe, but then I discovered the more mature magazines such as Glamour or Vogue.

Down below I have listed my three most favourite magazines that I do read on a monthly basis – which means that I always try to buy them as soon as they’re available in the shops.

Glamour – $2.20

This has probably been my first ever ‘magazine for women’ and I actually bought it after I purchased my first ever mascara! I realised that putting on makeup – which for me was just applying mascara at that time – was quite a lot of fun and that it made me look very different; I liked it! So I started getting my hands on every monthly issues that comes out and always have a look at all those interesting articles; mainly about beauty, skincare and makeup.

Nowadays I am a lot more aware what makeup and beauty is all about and I really can’t complain about my new found love for that topic!

Cosmopolitan – $3

Whenever I buy this my Mum says to me “I used to read this every time I went to see the doctor when I was pregnant with you” – well, seems like I was meant to be reading this magazine! But long story short, I love Cosmo and I love every article in it; most of them are fashion or (life)style related. I must admit I do find this one a little bit better than the Glamour magazine but all in all they’re two amazing beauty/fashion/lifestyle magazines!

Elle – $6

I’ve only recently started purchasing and reading the Elle magazine but I do wonder why I didn’t buy it sooner because it’s soo good and I can already include that in my favourites! It’s more of a fashion magazine and does remind me a little of the Vogue – correct me if I’m wrong here! I’ve only ever flicked through some pages when we went food shopping because $6 for a magazine is blimmin’ expensive! Well… The Elle magazine costs just as much but my Dad paid for it so it’s less of a burden for my bank account… hehe

Do you have any other great magazine recommendations? I’d like to read some more! 🙂

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