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Happy 2016 everyone! I hope you had a good start into the new year and celebrated it with your friends and family. 

Right now I’m in Berlin and I celebrated New Year’s with my cousin, her parents, our grandparents and some other family members and it was amazing! We had such a lovely time together!

As it is a completely new and fresh year to start with I thought I should just include my goals for this year in a new post as well! I’m planning quite a few changes both in my personal life as well as in my ‘blogging life’ and I’m really excited for this year and what’s to come!

*Be prepared for a long and chatty post!*
The list below starts with the goals for my blog:

Try a new posting schedule

I’m planning a new posting schedule for Lilies Beauty which will include four posts a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:00 AM. Let’s hope for the best and for loads of inspiration to actually write and publish four posts in one week! I will also try and put up a calendar as a widget on the right sidebar of my blog so you can see when the days are that a new post goes up!

Interact more with other bloggers

At first I didn’t realise how important friendships with other bloggers really are until I met some amazing girls on the internet myself! I do hope to meet a lot more lovely people throughout the year and develop the one or other friendship. 

Create more content that fits my blog

There are a few posts that I’m not quite satisfied with a few days after I have actually published them. Now this might sound weird but it’s just how I feel about it so I want to really plan my posts on paper before I get on to the actual writing and publishing process. 

Grow my following and be more active on social media

Let’s face the truth: I’m probably the worst blogger when it comes to being active on Twitter, Instagram, etc. The only thing I update regularly is my blog really but this year I want to be more active on all my social platforms and also increase the amount of followers that I have. 
My ‘ultimate’ goal for the end of the year is to reach a thousand followers on Bloglovin’. That would be soo cool!

Start vlogging / uploading videos

Okay so this part is really important to me and I will give 120% to achieve this goal because YouTube has always been a huge part in my life although I’m only just watching other peoples videos. However, I think I have reached a point in life where I just want to try and make something like that myself and maybe even have success with it. I can imagine that it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Now on to my personal goals for 2016:

Learn ways to live with my anixety

This has been a goal of mine since the year of 2012 but I’ve never really been successful, I guess. But I’ve already ordered some bits and bobs to help me calm down whenever I feel anxious – and most of them are just things that I saw in Zoe’s videos, to be completely honest with you.

Save money

I’m rubbish at saving money. It’s just as it is. And being a blogger doesn’t make it easier at all because I constantly see lovely new things that I want to try. This year, though, I just want to buy things that I really need because reality has hit me several times and guess what? I’m finishing school next year and actually wanted to move out and go back to Berlin but I definitely need quite some money to get that done. So saving money it is now! 🙂

Improve my photography skills

This can be seen as a blogging goal as well as a personal one because I think that there are still a lot of things that I can do better while taking photos. And why not improve that this year?

Spend even more with my family here and in Berlin

I’m currently living with my parents, my brother and my grandma (my Mum’s mother) and I see them every day – makes sense because I live with them, duh. But it makes me sad when I think about my other family members as they just live so far away from me and it’s not the cheapest to get to Berlin by train – at least not for me. 
In 2016 I really want to make an effort and see them at least every two months and spend some more time with them.

Well, this has been quite a challenge for me – in terms of writing and thinking of the right words. I know that I’m not the best at using the right words when it comes to something a little more serious but I always try my best.

I hope you liked this first post of the new year and make sure to leave some comments with your goals down below! 🙂

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