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With a new year and a new posting schedule I thought I would share one or two tips and tricks on how I plan my weekly posts. I was kind of unsure if I can keep up with publishing four posts a week but so far so good – there are only a few left for this month that are not finished yet! 🙂

For me, organisation and a clear schedule is very important, that’s why I own quite a few notebooks – mostly to write down random things, dates and ideas for my blog so I can look back at them whenever I’m working on posts, photos, etc.

Apart from my beloved notebooks I also got a calendar for the year where I can note down events, highlight important days or simply just have a closer look at the days I’m publishing a new post here on my blog. Sometimes I do take it to school with me to plan a few things in advance – I really like to have everything well planned and ready to be published on the internet; whether it is for my blog or something for school, for example.

Coming back to the actual topic of today’s post and how I plan them I definitely want to add the first step that I never leave out, no matter how busy or lazy I am: Write down all the ideas that come to my mind and sort them until I like the order. At some points I have to rearrange my schedule because I just didn’t have enough time to actually write and edit that exact post but I somehow still manage to get everything done in time.

After that first step – which is the most important one, in my opinion – I just write one post day by day until I finished all four for the week.

At the moment I’m really happy with my blogging schedule and the way I plan everything. Like I said, I never thought that I would be able to write and publish four times a week!

How do you plan your blog posts?

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