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Having curls is definitely my favourite! In one of my posts about how I curl my hair, I told you about the Remington curling wand I always use for creating my favourite hairstyle. With that wand, however, the curls are quite tight and neat and that’s not always the look I want to go for.

With the TYME Styling Iron that I’m talking about today, I can create some loose and soft curls that do need some training and effort before you really know how to create them but they’re totally worth it!

The TYME has two gold mirrors on the inside, the on and off button below one of them and two guidelines at the sides. Those guidelines must always be against your head, no matter which side of your head you’re working on.

When you’ve chosen a strand of hair that you want to curl, you place the guidelines against your head, being able to read ‘TYME’ in the mirror in front of you, curling the iron towards it. You only need very little pressure when pulling the iron up towards the ceiling.

I really had to get used to this type of styling iron and when I finally got around to the right technique, pressure, direction, thickness of the piece of hair to use, etc. I started using this almost every day!

It’s made such a difference in my styling routine, it’s incredible! Another thing I quickly want to mention is that you cannot only curl your hair with this but you can also straighten it! I rarely use it for straightening, though, I think it’s great to have two styling tools in one!

Have you heard of the TYME Styling Iron before or do you actually use it yourself? x

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