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You know that I love a nice fragrance to quickly spritz on before leaving the house, and recently I’ve discovered a new favourite of mine: The La Rive “Cash” Eau de Parfum

It’s from Rossmann (German drugstore) and costs $6.95, which, in my opinion, is such a fair price for the product you get with it!

The scent is quite heavy, but still nice, kind of spicy and maybe even just the slightest bit fruity, if that makes any sense – I’m still really bad at describing scents, my bad! 

But nevertheless I think that it is a great fragrance for this time of year, especially with Christmas right around the corner! 


It also lasts all day long, which is just another huge plus for this little gem! 

This is also said to be a dupe for the Paco Rabanne – Lady Million, which I have never tried before, but if it’s really a dupe for such a high quality perfume then it is definitely a good one.

For me Fridays always mean getting my hands on a new beauty item – while they just mean grocery shopping for my parents – and I think today I will treat myself with another one of these lovely La Rive fragrances! 

What is your favourite perfume at the moment?

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