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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Michael Althsuler

It’s already been two years since I decided to create a blog. TWO YEARS! Where has the time gone? Starting a blog has definitely been the best decision I have ever made so far! But it’s not always been that easy…

Two years ago, I created a blog, put it on private and kept it as my diary in order to write down any important things that happened, things about people, school, my feelings, anything basically. 

It was meant to be inspired by Jenna from Awkward. because I freaking loved that show at that moment! So I did exactly that and the blog was born; not the one that you’re able to read today but the foundation that made it all start was set. 

I did read lots of beauty blogs at that time as well and watched any beauty YouTuber that was well-known and popular, such as Zoella. Some of you may already know that she’s the actual reason why I started doing what I’m doing today. She inspired me to think about doing whatever I wanted and just do it.
I think I told myself to just start blogging when the new year starts, so the actual “birthday” of my blog should be the 1st of January every year… But I just feel like it’s not the “birthday” of it because you started publishing things, but the day to celebrate when you decided to just go for it and click that “create” button.

It still seems so unreal to me that the blog I created out of nowhere became my everything and the thing I’m most proud of. I’ve learnt so many things as well just because I took the chance and joined this amazing blogging community!

Lilies Beauty is still one of the “smaller” blogs out there and at first I thought it was all about followers, stats, readers and all those figures and numbers. But it’s really not. I will continue to run this as my own little business and I’m already excited for everything that’s yet to come! It’s slowly but surely growing…

And I also want to thank everyone who’s been on this journey for me over the past two years. Thank you for supporting me, for being there for me and for supporting the thing I love the most. You really are a huge part of this and without any of you this blog wouldn’t be where it is now! ♥

I’m now going to go back to Pinterest and have a look at cake recipes because I actually want to make a cake just to make sure this day is celebrated the way it’s supposed to be! 🙂

Have a fantastic day and until next time! x

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