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Recently I’ve been to Lush for the very first time and what can I say? I’m already addicted to their products! When I walked into the shop my nose and my eyes really thanked me for doing so because it smelt like heaven and it looked so pretty, I can tell you! It was by far one of my favourite parts of being in Berlin again.

However, I only bought three products and two of them are shower gels because they were 50% off and I thought I should at least get the two most popular scents: Rose Jam and Snow Fairy.

Both of the gels are a dream come true and whenever I shower with them I instantly feel a lot better because the scent is just so lovely and fruity – especially Snow Fairy!

My most favourite item from my little Lush shopping spree is definitely the Bubblegum Lip Scrub! It smells a lot like Snow Fairy and tastes amaaazing! I’m also very happy with the effect it has on my lips as it makes them really soft and perfect for applying lipstick afterwards!

I’m so glad that I did decide to pop into Lush and actually buy something that I really wanted! My next order online will definitely be a Lush oneā€¦ Oops! hehe

Are you a Lush addict yet? And if so, what are your favourite products?

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