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Lipstiiicks! There’s nothing better than using a new and gorgeous lipstick for the very first time, is there? I always get so excited when getting new ones, especially when they’re from MAC! swoon

Yes, I’m a broke student but I do love a good browse through MAC whenever I get the chance to! Moving to Berlin in summer will probably make my bank account scream for help… haha

However, I do have the one or other MAC product in my makeup collection and the lipsticks are by far my favourite! At the moment I’m in the process of a HUGE clear-out and decluttering session, including my slowly but surely growing collection of makeup.

From the four MAC lipsticks I have in this post, I sold one, which is ‘Twig’. I only ever used it once to swatch on the back of my hand and then rarely used it again! So I thought that someone else would be happy to get their hands on this lipstick!

Anyway! The three remaining ones in my current MAC lipstick collection are all matte ones, because I just like those the best! They stay on for so long, their colour pay-off is amazing and they just look great in general!

As you can tell by the shape of the first one, which is ‘Velvet Teddy‘, I do really love that shade. It was my first ever MAC product and ever since then I use it regularly!

The second and third one were both presents I got for my birthday two months ago; ‘Whirl’ and ‘Sin’. Both shades I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for such a long time!

Owning a few MAC lipsticks, I can only recommend investing in these; they’re so worth the money!

Which MAC lipstick shade is your favourite? x

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