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Probably every beauty blogger and MAC lover owns the Velvet Teddy matte lipstick – or at least a shade that’s very similar to this one. So of course my shopping trip in Berlin – and the stops in several MAC shops – didn’t help my longing for this beautiful nude shade!

Velvet Teddy is a nice browny-pinky nude shade which I love to wear almost every single day since I got it. It dries matte which is another plus from me because I don’t really like shiny lipsticks.

My love for these lipsticks will probably grow a lot more and I won’t be able to walk past a MAC shop without buying another one of these beauties!


The addiction is real people, the addiction is real… Nevertheless, it still cost me $20.50 which is 1.) yet another burden for my bank account and 2.) an amount that I would normally never ever spend on a freaking lipstick!

But: it was soo worth it! I was sure that I would be happy with this purchase but I never thought that I would be this happy!

It’s just the ramblings of a beauty blogger right here, please bare with me!

What else can I say about this absolute gem? It doesn’t dry out my lips at all, it stays on all day long and it smells incredible! I think it’s vanilla, which I normally hate the scent of but with this it’s something completely different!

Which MAC lipstick shade has made its way into your collection recently?

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