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Ever since I’ve been away from home on my own in 2012 I want to travel everywhere and see lots of other parts of the world. That very first trip to Rome is definitely something I will remember for a very long time, if not forever.

One year later I went to London for the first time in my life as well and I instantly fell in love with the city – hence the snow globe from London in the photo for this post!

And last but not least I’ve been to Paris in October last year and I really enjoyed my time there.

However, I do want to see other countries and other cities, as well as getting to know the people and the different cultures. In September this year I’m going to Scotland for about a week with my class – just a course trip but I’m sure it’s still going to be amazing!

One of my biggest dreams, though, would be a trip around the whole world. I’d just do everything to be able to travel the world someday…

A few days ago I scanned some photos from my parents’ trip to the US when they were on their honeymoon and it only made my desire to travel to New York or Los Angeles grow even stronger so I will definitely put those to destinations on my ‘Where to travel’-list as well. Of course Australia and New Zealand are on that list, too because, let’s be honest: those two countries are just beautiful.

Right now, I really am saving up some money to maybe go to London later this year because that’s my actual dream holiday. You might have thought that I’d put something like the Seychelles, Bali or the Maldives in this post but for now my dream destination – without a doubt – is London. I’ve basically lost my heart to that city and I’m not ashamed to say that haha 🙂

I’d be very thankful for some tips on where to stay and eat, etc. in London so I can perhaps plan my trip a little further!

Where would you like to travel to anytime soon?

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