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This post will again include some of the many lovely bits that I have received at the Beauty Blogger Café a few weeks ago, just so you know! haha 🙂

The products I’m going to review are from the amazing Nick Assfalg, which we also had the chance to meet at the event and he’s definitely the loveliest and most amazing makeup artist I’ve ever met! I’m still amazed by how sweet and genuine he was! Such a lovely experience!

Anyway, on to the makeup bits now, shall we? Also, when I first tried these products I was more than satisfied with them right from the start! I’m so glad that I got the chance to try these!

Eyebrow Master NICK ASSFALG
3x Your Lipstick NICK ASSFALG

Contour System – $34.99

I’m definitely not a pro when it comes to contouring and I always try my very best when it comes to that part of my daily makeup routine, but with these two contour sticks, that part just got easier by 100% and I’m not exaggerating! The shades also suit my skin tone perfectly and they’re very easy to blend, so you can tell that I of course made these an essential of my makeup bag!

Eyebrow Master – $24.99

As well as the Contour System, this new addition to my makeup collection has also fast become an essential of my daily makeup routine. At first, I was very sceptical about the shade because I thought it would be way too light for my hair colour but it’s a great shade and because it’s a pencil, it’s very easy to apply; it also has a little spoolie at the other end to comb through your eyebrows! The only thing I would criticise is that the pencil is really hard when you first use it; it does take a few extra strokes before there’s any colour payoff but after a few times of using it, it’s going to become your new favourite!

Transparent Powder – $44.99

I hadn’t used a face powder in a while until this gem of a beauty product found its way into my makeup collection! With about 45€ you’re going to expect a perfect product, which you will definitely get with this one! It sets my makeup perfectly and doesn’t “fade” throughout the first few hours after applying it, so it lasts a lot longer than any other powder I’ve tried so far, and it also doesn’t make my makeup look cakey. That was the actual reason why I stopped using face powders in the first place but now I’m glad I found one that doesn’t disappoint me!

3x Your Lipstick – $29.99

Ahh lipsticks… Still my favourite part of my makeup routine! 🙂 This trio of some lovely shades has got to be my favourite out of all these products. They are said to be colour tone matching which did sound weird and quite unbelievable to me at first but when I applied each to my lips for the first time, I was almost shocked that they actually “lost” a bit of their vibrancy! Especially the red was the shade I was scared of the most because it looked so bright and vibrant when the model at the event put it on, but when I put it on, it was just my perfect shade of red! Still can’t believe a lipstick can do that!!

And yes, even my cat approves of the Nick Assfalg beauty products! She just photobombed my little photo session and I thought it was funny to include this in there haha So ya’ll got a little behind the scenes as well, eh? 😀

I’d definitely recommend these products to everyone looking for some high-end beauty bits! 🙂 x

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