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It’s that time again… It’s favourites time!! I haven’t really had many favourites during the month of October but the few bits that I have come to love are just great!

So first up, I have started to love face masks. I don’t really have a favourite mask or brand, I just love all masks that I have got at home right now. Due to the Beauty Blogger Café, I have quite a selection of Schaebens masks and I can’t wait to try all of them!

Next, there’s my good old Cash Eau de Parfum which I have rediscovered last month and I think it’s just a more suitable and almost perfect fragrance for autumn!

My first NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in the shade Baby Doll is definitely one of the best makeup purchases I’ve ever made! At first I thought the shade would be way too light for my skin tone but it’s perfect! I like it a lot and I can’t wait to buy a couple more of these…

Nail polish wise I have fallen in love with Sally Hansen’s polishes! The colours are lovely, they last very long and they’re just overall amazing! It’s the first time I’ve ever fallen completely in love with nail polishes!

Because I desperately needed a new beauty blender, I had a look through the shelves in DM and found the new Ebelin Beauty Sponge! Some reviews on the internet were negative and lots of people were quite unsatisfied with this sponge but I just love it! It’s really soft and perfect to blending my under-eye concealer and everything else!

And last but not least, I have come to really like the Bioderma Sébium and Sensibio samples that I have kindly received a few weeks ago! You all may or may not know, that my nose always reminds everyone of Rudolph the reindeer because it’s just bright red but due to these amazing face creams, the redness and the few dry patches on my face have been soothed. I was so surprised by the effect because there were soo many creams, serums, etc. that I had already tried but none of them really helped. Of course I’m more than happy with the effect and I’m definitely going to purchase a few full sized products!

What have you been loving during the month of October? x

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