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My skincare routine is an ever changing process. Ever since starting a blog and kindly being sent some new bits to try every now and then I realised that there are so many amazing skincare products out there!

As for face toners and such, I haven’t really come around to try many. A few weeks ago, however, I decided to order the much talked about Pixi Glow Tonic on Cultbeauty! Of course it was a “the internet made my buy it” purchase, but it was well worth it!

Including shipping costs, I paid about $27, which I was a little shocked about at first to be fair, but I just treated myself to this anyway!

This is the 250 ml bottle and I use a few drops of this every night on a cotton pad, after having removed my makeup and before applying my moisturiser.

When I used this for the very first time, my skin burnt like fire and I was almost sure I would never use it again! But I did… And it was definitely worth it! My skin looks so much healthier and much more glowy, it’s insane!

This will definitely stay part of my skincare routine for a little longer and I will repurchase it again for sure once I run out of it! Highily recommending this!

Are you already using the Glow Tonic or are you still deciding whether to pick it up or not? x

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