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Shower Gels. We all have the one or other one that we absolutely adore and use every single time we take a shower! However, there are some of us that have some more than just one shower gel… Me included, oops.

In today’s post I want to show you which shower gels I’ve been loving recently and why I think they’re worth mentioning in a separate post!

Balea | Magic Fairytale and Sweet Wonderland

These two, I got for Christmas from my lovely friend Vanessa got me these two amazing shower gels! The first one – Magic Fairytale – smells of raspberries and magnolias and it’s my most favourite smell in shower gels at the moment! I love it SO much! heart eyes emoji

The second one is the Sweet Wonderland one which smells of vanilla and roses and at first I wasn’t too keen on the smell of this but with using it more often I started loving it!
Both of these smell amazing, like I already said, and they also make my skin so very soft!

Treaclemoon | Marshmallow Heaven and Pretty Rose Hearts

Both of these were Christmas presents as well and I got them from another lovely friend of mine, Andrea.

Treaclemoon shower gels just have the cutest bottles and packaging and they also smell amazing! The small bottles, which I have here, are great for travelling and always go with me whenever I have to pack a bag to go away!

NUXE | Prodigieux Shower Oil

In my post about the NUXE Essentials Set I already mentioned this lovely shower oil. It’s actually golden and it smells great! Because it is a shower oil, it’s also great for the skin and after using this my skin is SO soft and amazing that I just want to use this every time I take a shower. Sadly, I have used this up after using it like three to four times and I’m still quite sad about it. Buh…

Do you have any shower gel favourites at the moment? x

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