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I almost forgot writing this post as well…. These exams have me going crazy, I tell you!

In today’s post I want to talk to you about my current skincare favourites. You know I love my skincare products but my favourites at the moment have just recently found their way into my collection!

Jurlique | Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Lotion

This stuff is truly amazing! It smells incredible, has a very nice consistency and feels amazing on the skin! I also really like that it has a pump on it! It’s a very lightweight moisturiser that I like to apply whenever I feel like my skin needs some attention.

Samaya | Ayurvedic Skincare Anti-Ageing Treatment Pitta

I’ve been loving the Samaya cleanser already so I was quite sure that I would like this face oil as well! And I do like it a lot! It really helps with the dry areas on my face. However, it doesn’t smell that good but I don’t really mind as it does what it says 😛

Isabelle Lancray | Ilsactivine Beauty Mousse* & Vitamina Vitamined Cocktail Cream

These two skincare products are just the best I’ve ever used! Both the Beauty Mousse and the Cocktail Cream have become part of my everyday skincare routine and they definitely made my skin look so much better!

Garnier | Skinactive Face Masks

I’ve been raving about these face masks ever since I got them and I just love them SO much! They have three or four different masks in this range and I just like all of them!

Tell me about your favourite skincare products! x

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