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For most people, social networks are everyday life essentials. As for bloggers, they’re a vital part of getting the own website out to a large number of people.

And that’s why I wanted to list down my very own accounts to social media such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.
I don’t really think about the number of followers that I have, I’m more likely to see how many people I attract after I posted something. Lovely comments on what I’ve written are always the best! ♥

Just the average Twitter profile. I’m tweeting every new post of my blog and some other, quite random stuff on there! ^-^

Well, I’m not the most active person ever when it comes to uploading photos or keeping the ‘theme’ constant for weeks. But it’s nice to see other people post photos of things that many others like just as much!

Here I’m really just publishing the newest posts of my blog because I’m not sure about what else to write there… What a weird explanation! haha

The ultimate platform for bloggers out there who want to attract more readers to their blog! I personally really like it because it also gives me the chance to interact with other bloggers!

This is not really a website I’ve been using actively because I just enabled the ‘automatic post’ on Blogger there. It bascially means that every new post is being published on my Google+ page, which might also increase the number of people reading them!

Not that I’m uploading any videos (yet) but YouTube is almost an essential that every blogger needs, isn’t it? I think that having a channel makes it a lot easier to think about a the chance to create something related to your blog. I’m currently in the planning process of a Lilies Beauty YouTube channel as well….

Leave your social media accounts down below! I’d love to follow some more of you! 🙂

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