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First of all, excuse the weird photo format on the image above. It was really difficult for me to photograph this little bottle, gaahh.

But yeah, today I’m reviewing the Styliste Ultime Sea Salt Beach Look Spray by Schwarzkopf.

It is said to make your hair look a lot more textured and to give your hair that “beach-wave look” like you’ve just come out of the ocean after a round of swimming.

I can clearly say that the wanted effect mentioned above is not working for my hair!

But I do want to start this review properly so let’s hop right into it 🙂

I’ve bought this spray a couple of weeks ago – which you might have already seen in my Primark, H&M and Drugstore Haul – for I think it was $4.95 but I’m not quite sure anymore. I do assume that it was in that price range though.

And like I mentioned it is said to make your hair look wavy and give it those beautiful textured beachy curls.

Which, like I said again, is not working for my hair at all! I do still use it though.

Every time I want to curl my hair I spray a little of this product onto it before and after curling because it adds a nice little touch to the whole hairstyle. It makes my hair a lot more voluminous as well.

The fact that it doesn’t really do its job but is good for holding curls and adding volume is not that bad but I wouldn’t buy it again. Yet I’d like to try other sea salt sprays that might eventually add some beachy waves/curls to my hair.

I don’t think I’d recommend this because it just doesn’t have the effect it’s supposed to have. And if you’re looking for a spray that adds that beach look to your hair you can try this – maybe it’s working for you – but you could also just try other products as well.
This is not a real must-have (for me).

Thank you for reading todays (short) post and have a lovely day!
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