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In January last year, I published a What’s In My Bag post for the first time on my blog and really liked writing it. Since it’s already been over a year and basically everything – or almost everything – has changed in my handbag I thought I should do an updated version of that post!

The bag I’m currently using is a dupe to one of the bags from Chloe, I believe.

At some point in my life, I will be able to get my hands on the real one, I promise! But for now ya’ll have to deal with me purchasing things that only look like the ones I would love to get without actually being real…

I always feel like explaining myself when writing about a new product that’s actually a dupe for something because I somehow feel bad for not owning the real product…? Does that make sense? I hope so…

Anyways! In my bag I always have my phone (of course, duh), a lipbalm – currently I have a Blistex one in there – and my earphones. These three are basically my essential items.

I also carry around a pen, a case for my contacts, some random polaroid pictures, cinema tickets for Fifty Shades Darker (uhm…), a pair of sunglasses and last but not least my Zoella Beauty Wonder Hand Handcream and the Mini Body Mist from the Sweet Inspirations range which comes in the Secret Scenta Set!

Of course I have a purse with money, cards, etc. as well but somehow I forgot to put it in the photo, oops. But just so you know: I have one and I always have it with me! 🙂

What are your handbag essentials? x

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