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The “What’s In My Bag” – videos and posts are always my favourite and I thought I should try to write one myself!

My handbag is neither the prettiest nor the most expensive one but it does it’s job and I cannot comlpain. It’s a black and beige Primark shoulder bag that I bought in Paris in October for $9, which is a fairly good price for such a decent bag!

It also fits quite a lot – even my notebook has it’s space in it along with all my other stuff! But let’s just start with the two biggest things in my bag which would be 1.) my notebook + pen and 2.) my purse. It’s also beige and has some gold and pastel yellow details – my mum got me this for Christmas and it’s so pretty!

I also keep a hair tie and my ear phones in my bag because I really can’t stand it when my hair is flying everywhere so I just tie it into a ponytail et voilà, I’m happy again! haha

My ear phones – in their little pocket – are probably the most important thing as I always listen to music wherever I’m going; it just calms and relaxes me a lot.

Of course there are also things that you find in every bag: phone, lip balm, keys (with a Hogwarts keychain!) and paper tissues. These are just essentials for handbags, aren’t they? Normally I also carry a cloth bag around with me so I don’t have to get those plastic bags in the shops but I couldn’t seem to find mine when I took this photo… Just imagine there’s also a pretty cloth bag in it!

Now on to the last but definitely my favourite part: the nude lipstick. I’ve recently treated myself to the MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick and o to the m to the g, I love it! So of course it’s the lipstick for my handbag!

And yes, this is what my handbag really looks like. I don’t like brushing my hair when I’m out and about and I also hate throwing receipts into my bag so I immediately throw them away when I get home. I’m just a really tidy person…

Which handbag are you currently using? 🙂

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