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Zoeva En Taupe Eyeshadow Palette


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I have been keeping an eye on this beauty ever since it came out and last week I finally ordered it!

I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived here on the Thursday after and it was wrapped up so nicely and neatly! 

Maybe I should add a little something about the brand itself before starting to rave about this eyeshadow palette!

Zoeva is a German cosmetic brand founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou. They sell makeup bits as well as tools such as brushes and bags.

Now on to the palette…

The En Taupe eyeshadow palette is the newest in the Zoeva range and includes – just like the former palettes – ten different shades. It costs $17.50 ($21 including shipping costs) and just looks amazing, doesn’t it?! The packaging is lovely and really adds something to the overall look of this palette!

Zoeva Eyeshadow
Zoeva En Taupe

There are matte shades as well as shimmery ones, though, there are just four matte shades altogether; three in the upper row and one in the bottom row. The italic written words are the matte shades, the underlined one is a very shimmery one with golden pigments.

Upper row:

Stitch By Stitch



Hour By Hour

Old Master

Bottom row:

Spun Pearl

Hour By Hour

Sheers & Voiles


Wrapped In Silk


Zoeva Eyeshadow Palette
Zoeva Palette

These eyeshadows are really pigmented and very easy to apply; especially with the Zoeva 225 Luxe Eye Blender, in my opinion! I’m currently planning a little Christmas blog post series, where I’ll try lots of different (festive) makeup looks with several eyeshadow palettes! 🙂 I hope this works as planned, though! haha

Do you already own a Zoeva eyeshadow palette or will you add this one to your Christmas wishlist?

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